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The Lifestyle of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi After Taking Office

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who took office on May 26, 2014, has been a prominent figure in Indian and global politics. His lifestyle reflects not only his personal habits and beliefs but also his commitment to his role as the leader of the world’s largest democracy. From his daily routines to his public engagements, Modi’s lifestyle is a blend of discipline, simplicity, and strategic communication. This blog delves into the various aspects of his life since assuming office.

Early Morning Routine

Emphasis on Yoga and Meditation

One of the most distinctive aspects of Narendra Modi’s lifestyle is his dedication to yoga and meditation. He begins his day early, often rising at around 5 a.m. His morning routine includes practicing yoga, a discipline he has promoted both domestically and internationally. This practice not only keeps him physically fit but also helps him maintain mental clarity and focus. Modi’s advocacy for yoga led to the United Nations declaring June 21 as International Yoga Day, a testament to his influence in popularizing the practice worldwide.

Simple and Healthy Diet

Modi follows a strict and simple vegetarian diet. Known for his frugality, he often consumes traditional Indian meals, which are light yet nutritious. His meals typically include items like khichdi (a mix of rice and lentils), Poha  (flattened rice), and a variety of vegetables. Modi’s dietary choices reflect his roots and his preference for a healthy lifestyle. He avoids heavy, rich foods and ensures his diet supports his demanding schedule.

Work Ethics and Schedule

Long Working Hours

As Prime Minister, Narendra Modi is known for his rigorous work schedule. His days are packed with meetings, policy reviews, and public engagements. Modi’s work ethic is often described as tireless, with reports suggesting he works up to 18 hours a day. This relentless dedication to his duties has set a high standard for his administration and earned him a reputation as a hardworking leader.

Focus on Technology and Communication

Modi has leveraged technology to enhance governance and communication. He is highly active on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, using them to communicate directly with the public. This approach has made him one of the most followed leaders globally on social media. Modi’s use of technology extends to governance, where he has promoted initiatives like Digital India to transform the country’s digital infrastructure and make government services more accessible.

Personal Habits and Beliefs

Simplicity and Minimalism

Despite his high-profile position, Narendra Modi maintains a lifestyle characterized by simplicity and minimalism. He is known for his modest wardrobe, often seen in his signature half-sleeve kurtas and Nehru jackets. Modi’s choice of attire reflects his preference for Indian textiles and craftsmanship, which he promotes through initiatives like Make in India.

Personal Discipline

Modi’s personal discipline is evident in his punctuality and meticulous planning. He is known for being extremely punctual, often arriving ahead of schedule for meetings and events. This discipline extends to his personal habits, including his early morning routines and dietary practices. Modi’s disciplined lifestyle is seen as a reflection of his commitment to his role and responsibilities.

Public Image and Engagements

Charismatic Public Speaker

One of Narendra Modi’s most notable traits is his charisma as a public speaker. He is known for his powerful oratory skills, often delivering speeches that resonate with his audience. Modi’s speeches are crafted to inspire and mobilize people, whether addressing domestic issues or speaking on international platforms. His ability to connect with the masses has been a significant factor in his political success.

International Relations and Travel

Since taking office, Modi has been proactive in strengthening India’s international relations. He has traveled extensively, meeting world leaders and participating in global summits. These visits are aimed at enhancing bilateral ties, attracting investment, and promoting India’s interests on the world stage. Modi’s diplomatic efforts have elevated India’s global standing and fostered stronger relationships with countries across the globe.

Cultural and Religious Observances

Modi’s lifestyle also includes observance of cultural and religious practices. He often participates in religious ceremonies and festivals, reflecting his deep connection to his cultural heritage. This aspect of his life resonates with many Indians who see him as a leader who respects and upholds traditional values.


Narendra Modi’s lifestyle as Prime Minister of India is a blend of discipline, simplicity, and strategic engagement. From his early morning routines focused on yoga and a healthy diet to his long working hours and proactive use of technology, Modi exemplifies a leader dedicated to his role. His personal habits and beliefs, coupled with his charismatic public engagements and international diplomacy, paint a picture of a leader who is deeply committed to his country and its progress. Modi’s lifestyle offers insights into the principles that guide his leadership and the values he holds dear, making him a unique and influential figure in contemporary global politics.